About Vahura Navigator


The Vahura team has been recruiting lawyers for the leading firms, and in-house legal teams, since 2007. We know what legal employers are looking for, and can help you ace the recruitment process.

We’ve distilled our specialist legal recruitment experience, into a set of online courses, and supplementary materials that will help you access the law career that you want. The courses include videos, templates, checklists and practice questions.

Vahura Navigator will help you:

  • Make the right career decision
  • Draft an impactful resume and cover letter
  • Master the interview process
  • Get expert feedback on your resume (coming soon)
  • Practice through mock-interviews (coming soon)

This is not a job site. The recruitment preparatory content has been presented in a context that applies to young lawyers. The principles and techniques presented in the courses, also apply to legal recruitment at all levels.

Welcome to Vahura Navigator. We believe that our laws need champions, and that you are one of them.

About Vahura

Founded by the alumnus of the National Law School and experienced management professionals, Team Vahura consists of people who boldly go today where the market will head tomorrow. We love innovating and launching new services that address the emerging needs of the legal community. In these exciting times, we help the market shift from a nascent stage of operation towards full-fledged professionalism.