• What is Vahura Navigator?
    Vahura Navigator provides you tools, resources and mentorship experiences that will guide you ​in​ ​transitioning into your professional life.​ ​The various courses​ ​on​​ ​Vahura Navigator aim to help you develop decision-making skills and also, identify important activities that can play a decisive role in shaping your professional path.
  • I am a law student; can Vahura Navigator help me get an internship/job?
    This is not a jobsite or internshipsite. The courses and mentoring sessions, will help you understand what the expectations of an employer are, and how best to meet it. The focus of Vahura Navigator is on the recruitment preparatory process.
  • We are a law school, how can Vahura Navigator help our students?
    Vahura Navigator functions like a bridge between law schools and legal employers. We have the expertise to provide mentorship and consulting services to enable client law school streamline their recruitment potential.Mentorship services at Vahura Navigator can be compared to a finishing school for law students. We engage with Universities at the pan India level to conduct extensive Assessment, Online and Offline Career Workshops, Training, Coaching & Counseling for students of the three and five year LL.B Programs as well as students of the LL.M Programs.With our multi-disciplinary team and unique network of professionals, Vahura aims to help law schools and universities build the best faculty to foster excellence in legal education. We offer our search practice across faculties.
  • I am a law professional, Can Vahura Navigator help me?
    Our vision is to enable young lawyers and law students find direction, make an informed choice and make a successful entry into the profession. VahuraNavigator offers a Counseling platform to young professionals to clarify doubts, seek advice and make decisions pertaining to their career. At Vahura Navigator you can also register for the Mock Interview sessions. This is a specialized simulation exercise of the interview process. Post each session you will be given specific feedback to help better your performance.
  • Will I receive a certification upon completion of the program?
    Yes! You will receive a certificate upon completion of the course.
  • Can I access the courses on my smartphones, tablets, laptops and other handheld devices?
    Yes, Our Vahura Learntron App can be used in any android-based devices, such as smartphones and Tablets. Please note you will require good Internet speed (3G or 4G recommended & Data charges may apply).
  • Will my progress be saved between e-learning periods?
    Yes! All your progress will be saved as you proceed with the course.
  • Who do I contact if I need help in registering or navigating through a particular course?
    If you are facing any technical difficulties you may contact Suraj Rai at suraj@vahura.com or please feel free to connect with him at+91-11-49005600.
  • How long will I have an access to the course and my program?
    Each course has a defined timeline and you will have an access to it only till then. Kindly refer to the respective course description.
  • How do I/we register a group of participants?
    For group registration please write to us at  navigator@vahura.com or please fill in this link.
  • Can I cancel my enrollment?
    Yes! You can cancel your enrollment by writing to navigator@vahura.com Please refer to our Terms of Use for further information.
  • How can I suggest improvements to the course? How do I request a new e-learning feature?
    Please fill in our feedback form to share your valuable inputs and suggestions.
  • Are there any pre-requisites or advance reading materials?
    There are no pre-requisites for registering for any of the courses on Vahura Navigator. However, please note that you must complete the course, if you want to avail mock interview and counseling sessions.
  • How can I schedule my counseling and mock interview sessions at Vahura?
    To schedule a mock interview or a counseling session please write to navigator@vahura.com.