Interview Skills

899.00 Plus taxes

This programme will help you prepare for interviews and reduce the uncertainty and anxiety of the unknown. You will also learn to hone your skills, practice common questions and help you create a great impression at the interview. It contains two modules, the first module helps you prepare for an interview and the second module deals with the day of the interview, and focuses on your communication skills, presentation and industry knowledge.



Interview Skills

Nailing the Interview: This module is meant to help you prepare for professional interviews. It is vital to bear in mind that a grasp of good communication is required to ace and interview. Employers seek candidates who are willing to learn and depict a high level of integrity. Therefore, you should prepare well for every interview and pay attention to details such as your appearance, application paper work and research.

Time Commitment

2-3 hours per week


2 Weeks from the time of enrollment


  1. Computer or Android Tablet/Phone
  2.  Good Internet Speed (3G or 4G recommended)