Planning and Applying for Jobs

899.00 Plus taxes

This Programme has a combination of two modules that enables you to make and informed choice about your career and assists in the application process. It is meant to help you understand the various factors that affect your decision-making process. This will also help you develop your writing skills and create a professional resume and cover letter that is impactful and free of errors.



Planning and Applying for Jobs

Making Career Choices: It is important to bear in mind that every individual has different capabilities, strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, it is best to choose a career path that showcases your strengths but also helps you hone your skills and teaches important career concepts. This module should assist you in achieving a better understanding of your own ambitions and enable you make the right choice. It provides you with tools and activities that help you assess your strengths, acknowledge your weaknesses, and learn to choose the career path best suited to your interest.

Getting the Paperwork Right: This module is meant to help you create a good professional resume that showcases your talent and skills. A Resume creates the first impression on a prospective employer to assess your candidacy. Therefore, It is of utmost importance to write an accurate, clear and professional resume that truly reflects your strengths. Additionally, it will help you write a cover letter that interests the reader to open and look at your profile. It is a platform to develop effective professional writing styles.

Time Commitment

2-3 hours per week


4 Weeks from the time of enrollment


  1. Computer or Android Tablet/Phone
  2.  Good Internet Speed (3G or 4G recommended)